PEAK To PEAK: 10th Mountain division then and now

OPens november 30, 2018

The exhibit will highlight the evolution of the 10th Mountain Division's equipment and training since its beginnings in 1943 to today. The idea for US mountain troops was borrowed from Finland and Russia and brought to the Army at the start of World War II by C. Minot "Minnie" Dole. Dole also founded the National Ski Patrol, and drew heavily on its membership to populate the mountain division. The 10th did most of its training at Camp Hale, Colorado before deploying to Italy to help close the Italian front and end the War.

The Museum worked closely with the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum to prepare this exhibit. Additionally, the Museum relied on the Vermont National Guard and Army Mountain Warfare School, based in Jericho, Vermont, for information on how they train elite Army soldiers from all over the country in military mountaineering.

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 Terje at the US Open. Photo: Gary Land

Terje at the US Open. Photo: Gary Land

Snowboarding 1980 to 1999 - A Photo Exhibition

opens DECEMBER 14, 2018

Vermont played a critical role in the development of snowboarding in the early years as Burton, originally based near Stratton and then Burlington, grew from a nascent obscurity to a global powerhouse. With their spark, snowboarding took off in Vermont. Riders from Vermont became global hero's like Jeff Brushie, Ross Powers and Kelly Clark while riders from around the world came to Vermont for the annual US Open of Snowboarding. All-in-all, it was an incredible time for the sport and the world's best snowboard photographers spent time in Vermont getting it all on film. We'll present their selections for the most iconic images in snowboarding that were shot in Vermont.