2003 Hall of Fame Inductees


Karl Acker

Rank, Company, Regiment: PFC, B, 87TH

Died 5/26/1958

Vermont Location: Pico/Rutland

Competitive Skiing

Williams College ski team coach, 1940-41.
  From PR Office, 10th Mountain Division: "Pico Peak Instructor, Now in   Italy, Places 10th in International Ski Meet/ With the Fifth Army, Italy -   Corporal Karl Acker, former instructor at Pico Peak, Vermont, Ski School, and   former downhill and slalom champion on eastern United States slopes, placed   10th in the first international ski meet held in Europe since the war…Acker's   time for the combined downhill and slalom race was 2:19 3/5."    

Ski School: Pico Peak, 1938. Acker came to the US from Davos and became an   instructor. Taught Andrea Mead Lawrence, 1952 double gold medal winner.

Vermont Ski Area Connection: Pico Peak, manager 1951, owner 1954. He purchased the resort   from Janet Mead in 1954. He promoted skiing throughout the State in the   post-war years and approved of the Killington's opening.

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Karl Acker 5/4/2007